Visual Arts


Art workshops in schools

I wish I could draw like that!


Drawing skills

Drawing on the right side of the Brain


A fresh approach to making successful paintings.




Mosaic projects using traditional techniques for indoor and outdoor use.


Imaginative use of all kinds of textiles.




A wide variety of sculpture techniques and projects for all ages.

Giants and Hobby Horses

Traditional beasts and processional sculptures


One-Off Projects


A special project for your school, on the theme of your choice.


The themes of these projects vary, and can be tailored to suit the topics you are covering at schools, e.g. Romans, Flight, etc.

INSET Drawing course

Drawing is a valuable skill for teachers, not just in art.

This practical course is designed to provide teachers with skills, confidence and encouragement to use drawing as an aid to teaching across the curriculum.

Topics include:

 Drawing skills

 Drawing and development

 Drawing applications

 Learning to see


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