Science and Environment

Stephen Rowley the lead artist for Artension, is both a scientist and artist. He holds BSc Environmental Science, MPhil Geochemistry and BA Fine art.

After a career in the oil and computer industries, he left to pursue his arts interests and has naturally drawn on his science background for inspiration.

'When I was a scientist, I was always amazed at the intrinsic aesthetic aspect of the images and concepts I was dealing with. I longed to spend more time exploring them.'



Since 1993, he has created works concerned with science and the environment.

'Art projects are a great vehicle for getting people involved and interested in the environment around them. They take part in the activity of making art without realising that they are also learning so much about the subject.'

One of Stephen's specialities is to work on the natural phenomena that are too small or to big for people to see, and bring them into a scale that we can start to comprehend.

The sculptural qualities of pollen are beautiful, but can usually be only appreciated by palynologists. Steve worked with foresters to carve a massive beech pollen grain, from a beech tree, and suspend it high in a tree.

'There are billions of pollen grains in a beech forest in spring, but not one forester could describe the shape of pollen grain before I made the carving.'



As well as making his own work, Stephen has delivered science based art-projects with schools, organisations and communities in UK, France and Australia.


If you have are looking for an artist to deliver an arts project on a science theme, contact Stephen Rowley directly:

0780 305 2723

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