Music and Dance

A selection of our workshops:-

All At Sea

Sailors Hornpipes and Shanties

Work songs from around the world, sea lore, tales of ocean voyages, tough dances and an insight into the life of the windjammers - Victorian History

Versions for KS1, 2 & 3

(Creative writing version also available)


Maypole and Country Dances to bring in the summer

Versions for KS1 & 2

Pied Piper

Medieval song and dance with medieval instruments (including bagpipes)

Version for KS1 & 2


School Barn Dance

School Ceilidh

Children sometimes see country dancing as a bore, but not with the spontaneous fun of the School Barn Dance.

Incorporates traditional dances, songs and music. KS1/2/3

Morris and Sword

Morris and Sword dances of England

KS2 & 3

Blues Factory I

A whole class can create and perform and record blues song from scratch KS2/3.

(Electric guitars supplied)

Blues Factory II

For budding guitarists at all levels

A chance to lay down those riffs, burn off those licks, and pay your dues.

Devised for the Youth Music Action Zone

Flame Academy

Song Writing and Recording


Meet the Tudors

Tudor dances and songs


Caribbean Dance

Tuk & Landship

Exciting dance from the island of Barbados. Meet Shaggy Bear, Steel Donkey and the Captain of the ship.

KS1 & 2


 Wherever possible these workshops include live music on traditional instruments.

 The contents of these workshops are to a certain extent flexible and can vary according to the needs of the school.

 To enquire about any of these workshops click Further Information

 Many of these workshops have an emphasis on engaging boys in singing and dance.

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