Mum & Tuk

Mum & Tuk

Bringing together English and Caribbean folk traditions

English Mummers Play

Ancient folk plays found across England. Usually a tale of hero-combat and resurrection involving St George.

Mum & Tuk helps revive the play in your community.

Tuk & Landship

Music and dance from Barbados.

Tuk originated on the island in the C17th and is a forerunner of reggae and soca.

The Landship Dance - devised in Barbados by a sailor returning from the Navy.

A cast of colourful characters - Steel Donkey, Mother Sally, Tilt Man, Green Monkey and Shaggy Bear


Music, Dance, Drama, Costume, Song-writing, Local History, 3D and Fun.

Learn about the slave trade, crusades and your roots.

 Mum and Tuk Format

A series of workshops culminating in a procession and performance.

Workshops 1 day per week over a period of three or four weeks.

In small schools or single classes there will be just one artist.

For larger projects there will be three professional artists each working three and half days in the school.

Typically this works as three whole day workshops with the artists working in a rota around the classes/year groups, then half day preparation and rehearsal for the performance. This is usually achieved by taking the school off-timetable for one day per week.

To get the best out of this project pupils will have a little work to do between the workshops - learning lines, finishing costumes, rehearsing songs and dances. This is best fitted in as small activities during the normal school day. We provide CDs of the music and songs for this purpose.


Ability Range Mum and Tuk was originally devised in 2001 for KS2 & KS3 pupils, the older pupils looking at issues in greater depth.

The project has since been successfully adapted to KS1, and has also been delivered with two special schools.


  • i) This project can provide a core component for geography, history and cultural studies.
  • ii) We are working with the education service in Barbados and actively setting up links between schools in the two countries.
  • iii) There are opportunities for teachers to visit Barbados on study trips and professional exchange.
  • iv) Visiting Tuk artists from Barbados will be providing workshops in schools later in the project.
  • v) The mummers component of this project becomes your own local play to be performed at any time - we leave you with the script and props.



Mum & Tuk has been delivered with individual classes, year groups and entire schools..

Basic Fee


Small school or large year group (100+ pupils):

(Includes 10.5 artist days plus materials)


 Single class (upto 30 pupils)


Tuk Dance and Music workshops

 From 180/day pro-rata



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